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3 reasons to come to South Korea, that make sense.
멘토 2023-02-28

South Korea has become one of the most popular countries in recent years, and more and more people dream of visiting this country. The reason for this, I believe, is the rising popularity of K-POP groups such as BTS, BlackPink and so on. However, there are some other reasons that make South Korea a country worth visiting. Today, I want to discuss them and show that they are not less important than K-POP.


1. Safety. I think it is fair to begin with safety since so few countries in modern world are safe. From my close friends who travelled and lived in different countries, I constantly hear about crimes, murders, thefts and so forth. In most countries it it dangerous to go outside when it becomes dark, and you should always keep an eye on your stuff when you go somewhere. However, this is not a case in Korea. This country is really safe and more than that, the police works very operatively. I personally confirm this, because I study in Korea University and because I always have so much stuff to learn and read, I stay in libraries and in-campus lounges till late hours. Many times I had to go home after 12 am, even 3-4 am in the deep dark, no people outside. Every single time I returned home super safe without any weird situations. What's more, no thefts I ever seen, heard in Korea. (Of course, I do not assure anyone that this is impossible, never happened or will happen, but this is what I've seen and heard so far). I can comfortably leave my notebook in the common library and after several hours it will still be there. I can put my wallet and phone on the table in the restaurant and go to toilet. No one will touch them. That's why safety is one of big advantages of South Korea.

2. Korean Sauna. I think Korean Saunas called 찜질방 are another work of art. This place is different from all saunas and is definitely worth going. First of all, the price is really cheap. In a Korean sauna you usually wear a uniform, you can eat there food, take a rest, read a book, play games with your friends, sleep and what not! But most fabulous about this place is rooms and water with various temperatures. You can enter and stay in a freezing room with -20 degree and hot burning room with +85 degree, and in between. Just choose your favorite temperature. Same with water, when you want to relax in a jacuzzi, just choose the temperature you want, I remember how I entered water with +60-70 degree, I was almost burning, but after this bath, my body felt so fresh and relaxed. For me, Korean Sauna is a place, where you can refresh your body and soul, reborn and start the life with more energy.

3. People. I think I should finish with the most important - Korean people. You can learn a lot from people of Korea first of all because, as we all know, people are most valuable resource of South Korea. While most of the countries made their economy thanks to the natural resources that they were lucky to have because of their country's location, South Korea is located on a territory, where no highly valuable natural resources are available. Yet, this country transformed greatly in just several decades, became very developed and rich and even called as 'Asiatic Tiger'. Why? Because Korea has a very important resource - its people. The Koreans work really hard, they are so competitive and try their best in every work they do. Students study all the time and make really excellent results. If you enter any coffeeshop in Korea, I 100% assure you, you will see that 90% of clients are studying or working. Firstly, it gives a huge motivation. When I see how hard these people work, I also want to study and work hard. Secondly, they are so improved and know really much. You can notice this when you talk to them. The mindset of Korean people is usually different from ours, they see the world differently, and it is indeed very interesting to explore their world, their mindset and opinions on everything. That's why, if you come to Korea, make sure you talk to them, you will learn a lot, just by having a conversation with a cup of coffee (or favorite drink of the Korean people - iced Americano).


Of course, I can tell you hundred reasons to visit Korea, these are just one of them, but very important and make sense. So consider them, when you want to come to Korea!

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