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작성일 : 2022-09-08  


Korean Government Support Program for Foreign Exchange Students
To provide meaningful experiences for exchange students regarding Korean culture and education; to strengthen the global competence of Korean universities.
Support period
4 months (one term) or 10 months (two terms)
Support size
About 200 foreign students (approximately)
Scope of support
CategoryLiving ExpensesSettlement allowanceRound-trip AirfareMedical Insurance
Amount500,000 won per month200,000 won upon arrivalReimbursement available within the set amount20,000 won per month
(paid by each university)
Requirements for application
◦ Undergraduate students of the overseas universities that are partner universities of GKS for Foreign Exchange Students Program's selected universities.(Master's degrees candidates who are from the strategic cooperative partnership countries are available to apply.)
   ※ Those who have already benefited by a 4-month (one term) scholarship cannot extend or renew their terms.
◦ Must possess above 80% (out of 100%)
   ※Must have completed at least two semesters
◦ Must register for regular courses (language courses are not considered regular courses)
◦ Must not have been sponsored by Korean government
◦ Must hold foreign citizenship (dual citizenship holder—those holding both Korean citizenship and another nationality--cannot apply)
◦ Must choose only one university
◦ Must take a Korean language or culture class (at least one class/ two credits)
Selection process
◦ NIIED selects the universities for the above mentioned program
◦ The selected universities recommend talented exchange students to NIIED


정민영 기자


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