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[경희대학교(서울캠퍼스)] Getting knowing Me
phieng far 멘토 2023-04-05
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Hello everyone, welcome to my page~
My name is Phiengfa Praseuth, I'm 23 year olds and I'm Laotian To be easy to call you can call me V as well~
Currently I'm studying at Kyunghee University (Seoul campus), majoring with Politics Science & International Relations (year 3) I'm fluent at Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and English as well☆ So just feel free to talk with me in any languages above↑

I would like to cooking, eating, sometimes dancing when I'm free. And after came to Korea I got the new hobby is exploring Cafe shop and taking photos in Korea★ I'm kinda confident to give you guys about experiences in Korea such as 'Korea Life' 'Abroad Study Life' 'Korea Government Scholarship' 'My Major', 
'Tips to live in Korea easier', 'Tips to learn Korean'

If you have any questions about Study in Korea, just feel free to ask and join my mentoring♥
Let's make friends and share new experiences

AKP studio shooting scene1
AKP studio shooting scene2
My campus life

phieng far 멘토
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