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[포항공과대학교] 001. getting started
Jiayi W (가희) 멘토 2024-01-04
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If your goal is to study in Korea, I hope you'll be inspired after reading this simple guide and get started now! 


Back in 2015, when I was a student preparing for SPM, I had a strong desire to study abroad, and one of the countries I aimed for was South Korea. However, upon researching the requirements of Korean universities, I discovered that most of them mandated a minimum of 12 years of education (elementary, middle, high school). Consequently, I decided to pursue GCE A-Levels. (Note: The requirements may have changed, so it's essential to check the specific criteria of your intended university!)

After completing my GCE A-Levels, I embarked on the university application process with several key questions in mind:

  1. 1) What is my major of interest?

  2. 2) Which universities offer the major of my interest?

  3. 3) What are my preferences for universities (considering teaching language, location, tuition fees, scholarships, etc.

    After listing up the list of universities of interests, I started to prepare for applications and from my experience, many universities request similar documentation. So, if you prepare these materials once, you can re-use them for several applications. Personal statements, often required during applications, should be outlined in a draft so that refining the essay closer to the deadline becomes more manageable. In the end, I applied to a total of four universities and successfully received three offers!

cherry blossoms in campus.

I ultimately chose Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology (UNIST) for several reasons: 1) specialization in science and technology, 2) classes offered entirely in English, 3) available scholarships, 4) opportunities for research.

My time at UNIST was truly enjoyable. I had the chance to meet international students from all around the world, experience the four seasons of Korea, and, most importantly, immerse myself in local life away from the bustling city. (but! this might not be a plus if you're a city person!)

Do your research, and make sure your personal statements matches with the university's vision and missions, also qualities that they're seeking for!

☆ will be sharing more about campus life in up coming post! 


Jiayi W (가희) 멘토
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