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[전남대학교] Being a European on the Other Side of the World
Hana 멘토 2024-03-20
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  They told me it's going to be different, and I wasn't surprised by most of the things, since I looked up most of the cultural differences one can find on the internet.

  What I hadn't expected was to be one of the biggest differences: myself.

Your average height suddenly becomes outstanding, and everyone starts to say you're like a model. Your no-name-color hair catches attention - especially after the Barbie movie came out! You can't hide your eyes, and the color screams privilege, tho you had no idea at all. You became a different person, just because someone else's eyes are looking at you.

  It's not your fault and you don't have to be scared about it. I'm thinking about all the wonderful encounters that happened due to something I never had control over. Adorable kids smile at you on the - otherwise dull - metro. Old 할아버지s asking where are you from and 대체 what are you doing here, on the other side of the world?! Kind strangers treating you like a relative, sharing warm words and their coffee with you.

  Being different isn't always as scary as we think. Every coin has two sides, keep this in mind. You're going not only to study but to explore a whole new world, and the courage it takes will pay you back later with all those experiences you cannot find everywhere. 

  Be brave and challange yourself! The first step on your journey isn't about leaving home, but having the idea that you can do it.




Hana 멘토
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