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[서울대학교] Koreans have forgotten in their familiar daily life in six ways.
Richad 멘토 2023-06-16
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The appearance of Korean society from a foreigner's point of view is rather closer to heaven than hell. From a foreigner's point of view, we have summarized the advantages of Korea that Koreans have forgotten in their familiar daily life in six ways.

1. High level of security
South Korea is one of those safe countries where you can walk around looking at your phone without feeling nervous anywhere. Compared to Europe and Southeast Asia, where you don't know when and where your belongings may be stolen, Korea can be safe outdoors.

2. Affordable and convenient public transportation system
In Korea, you can move around many cities comfortably through cheap public transportation. In particular, the ‘transfer system’ applied when changing public transportation is a great advantage that makes public transportation more convenient and affordable. In addition, most public transportation maintains a pleasant environment.

3. Fast pace of work
Thanks to Korea’s unique “quickly, quickly” culture, various tasks are handled quickly. Foreigners are very satisfied because they can handle tasks such as delivery, checkout, courier service, and administrative work without waiting for a long time compared to foreign countries.

4. Dynamic atmosphere
The fact that Koreans like music and dance is also considered as one of its strengths. Street stages that can be easily encountered in everyday life, such as Hongdae, Sinchon, and Hyehwa, show the passionate and active atmosphere unique to Korea.

5. Fast internet speed
It is no exaggeration to say that Korea's Internet speed is the fastest in the world, as anyone who has used the Internet abroad can agree. Also, in terms of accessibility, it has an amazing network that can be accessed not only from most buildings and cafes, but also from the subway.

6. Kind and polite people
In the eyes of foreigners, most Koreans are kind and polite. In particular, there are many foreigners who want to settle in Korea because there are many kind neighbors and friends who help people in need without saying anything first.

Richad 멘토
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