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[백석대학교] Spring season in our university.
LARAIBARISHMA 멘토 2023-05-12
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Hi, Everyone 

My name is Arishma. I am very happy to write my first article about Korea.

To give you a brief introduction to me, I moved from Pakistan to Korea when I was 8 years old!

From elementary school to university, I live in Korea and enjoy various experiences! So I have a lot of Korean friends and I know a lot about Korean culture! If you have any questions about Korean culture, please feel free to ask me ^3^


Korea has all four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter! My favorite season among these is spring! 

You can see warm and nice sunshine all so there is beautiful cherry blossoms in spring.

Especially in spring, our university is the really gorgeous!!!




The first, second, and third photos are pictures of the school in April!

Our school holds a cherry blossom festival booth, There are also food trucks which sell pizza, tteokbokki, chicken and various kind of food. 

There are booth zone for taking the photos. I also took a nice click here.

The student association of this university operated a major booth for students according to their major and prepared various events.

If you want to join the new friends, you can meet new friends through a random box with new friends' numbers on it!!! And Starbucks and Gongcha Caffe drinks are distributed to people by lottery. 

During the cherry blossom festival, various people from outside come to see our beautiful university.


The last picture was taken in the lake around the school! While walking with my friends,

I looked around the beautiful lake and took pictures with nice poses!

Please come to our school if you have a chance!! I welcome you in this university ♥