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Chebem Yvette 멘토 2023-03-29
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"If you never try, you'll never know what you are capable of." "you only fail when you don't try." This phrase represents how you shouldn't be afraid to try and do things that you want to, and this sums up the mindset I held and how the beginning of my journey to South Korea became and is now a reality …. And it can be yours too!! 


Hi! My name is Chukwuka Chinechebem Yvette, a Nigerian international student studying for my undergraduate in computer science at Semyung University right here in South Korea. By next month on the 10th will make it exactly two years I have been living and studying in South Korea as an international scholarship student. And it's been an incredible two years 

My journey began in 2020 when the whole world came to a standstill, and our lives were forever changed; my interest stemmed from Korea's technological advancement. Then it gradually moved into the culture as a whole. South Korea is always a bucket list item to be ticked off in the future, a dream country to visit. Still, I have been blessed to make that a reality by taking a significant leap of faith, pushing myself outside my comfort zones, and applying for the now-popular known Global Korea Scholarship ( once known as the Korean Government scholarship). It has been the most rewarding and best decision I have made, not only for myself but for my future self. 

 I am sure you probably clicked on this article to get information about that. Now let's go right to the main question that fills the head of so many aspiring applicants and enthusiastic, 

"Now then, where do I start? 

-What are the study options available to me? 

-when and how do I go about applying?

-are there scholarships available, as I don't have the monetary funds to study abroad?

-where do I get the correct information?

-what are the requirements I need to start this journey? And so much more.

And after the pandemic, you might ask yourself what life is like as an international student living and studying in South Korea.?

Being so, I decided to apply and join 'ApplyKorea.' And as a 2nd-year international student studying at a Korean university and with my experiences so far, I hope to provide helpful tips to everyone and give first-hand information about What it is like learning here. Also the past year, I have been making some content about my life in Korea through my social media account (  _vette_c), and in the future will be more active and create more content. 

   First and foremost, I will be writing and providing helpful tips and any information I have about all that pertains to studying here in Korea. As well as providing guidelines in guiding aspiring applicants, from personal statements and study plans to how to go about searching and selecting appropriate schools through social activities,  hobbies, and other related areas. 


Being able to study Korean for a year alongside other scholars at Busan foreign university, alongside many other amazing people 

I will be providing helpful tips and resources ranging from how to self-study the Korean language and my  experiences through the upcoming articles 

International students in South Korea would also benefit from this as I will be studying in Korea; I will be writing blogs and articles about studying in Korea. My lifestyle as a scholarship and international student in Korea is also exciting places to visit Korea and things to do, from social, cultural, and financial aspects of living as an International student 

Throughout my application process, the big relocation, and presently studying now in South Korea, there were information and tips I wished I had access to. Especially after miss rona's times, how vastly our world changed, and how some changes have taken place regarding the application process and other things. That's what the forthcoming articles will be providing. I hope I will be of great help to anyone of you that happens to subscribe to the page 

three things I would leave you with 
1) the essential thing is to believe in yourself 
2) Determine in your heart and put 100%, being diligent and consistent  
3) lastly, RESEARCH, Always do your research regardless of the information that will be provided; that way, you can also be rest assured 

I hope this article becomes a helpful companion and guide to achieving your dream. I hope to be able to give you a non-biased perspective of what life is like in general. 

The goal is to prepare prospective international students. So stay tuned and watch this space ?. Any Questions you may have about anything, don't forget to leave them in the comments section of each article, and I will be sure to respond to the best of my knowledge 
Chebem Yvette 멘토
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