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[서울대학교] Shopping and fun close to Seoul National University<3 [ MUST READ ^ ^ ]
Shweta <3 멘토 2023-03-28

Helllooooooo ^ ^ ,



If you are a student at SNU or you want to live close to SNU but because of studies or any other reason you do not have much time to travel far, at the same time you want to shop for clothes at fewer prices and have fun with your friends often, I'll tell you a place: Sillim station exit 4

I've attached a youtube video vlog where I go to Sillim for shopping but the other part shows Hongdae so I'll be attaching addresses of the clothing stores, the kind of clothes I've bought (I'm no fashion guru or influencer but buying clothes makes me happy haha) and the photos of the fun I've had instead ^ ^




Guys & Girls, Bling Market and the underground karaoke clothing store have been my go-to places to shop ever since last year! They always update their collection according to seasons and fashion trends. You can find both trending men's and women's K fashion that you have always seen around and on the internet but that too for reasonable prices, some starting from just 5000 won! which is around $4-$5 I was honestly shocked... I've gone to famous places to shop like Goto Mall or Hongdae, but they are too far for me so I can go only once in a while. Also, you get the same or even better quality clothes at really great prices at Sillim Station, so I always go there, the place is small but it has never disappointed me.




Guys and girls [Naver Map]

Guys & girls Sillim Branch
서울 관악구 남부순환로 1600

[Naver Map]
Bling Market
서울 관악구 남부순환로 1600-1
[Naver Map]

Seven Star Coin Karaoke Training Center Sillim Station Branch
서울 관악구 남부순환로 1608



Along with shopping, who doesn't like having fun, clicking pictures with your friends and good local Korean food right? Sounds good? I'll recommend some haha I've got you! Because of classes and studies, I often go to Sillim during the evening time, so after shopping, I like to grab dinner with my friends, a good, hot Korean meal is what I need after a long day. This place is really famous for its Jeyuk Bokkeum 제육볶음 Korean spicy pork and  Kimchi jjigaeI truly recommend it!!! It's really tasty, just can be a bit of extra spice for non-spicy lovers, but for an Indian person like me it is truly a mouth-watering delicacy, wow I'm hungry while just writing about it! This store is open 24/7 so you can visit anytimeeee ^ ^

24-hour Seoul Restaurant
서울 관악구 관천로 36-1

Next uppppppppppppp Game room! Kinda like a small arcade place where I like to spend all the coins I've collected in Korea. It sure is small but really fun and cheap! Just another activity that you can enjoy close to Sillim Station. You can go alone but a group of friends is always better! or you can just call me hahaha let's play! I've collected a lot of small keychains, goodies, and soft toys from here, it's really worth it. Its fun to compete with your friends while playing other games :) Also, there are a lot of restaurants in this area you can try out, but I won't recommend the restaurants if you are a minor under 17 age because there are a lot of drinking people, so be careful, safety first always <3 



Last but not the least, Photo Signature Booth Sillim, I think it is one of the prettiest small photo booths with cute, fun props, add-ons, and accessories to try out! Here you can take wholesome pictures with your friends or even click beautiful solo self-portraits #shwetarecommends :)




[Naver Map]
Photo Signature Sillim Branch
서울 관악구 남부순환로 1606

I hope I have successfully introduced you to a fun place that you can always go to around the weekends or even during the week, hope your visit to Seoul is always fun :) As a student I'm always finding ways to cut down money to manage my expenses and not compromise on my fun at the same time because life only comes once and being in your youth and experiencing joy is a beautiful lifetime experience, I'll be sharing more such student-friendly activity and places if I find more ^ ^. Until then, logging off,


Shweta Salian,

your virtual best friend :)

Shweta <3 멘토
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