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[서울대학교] Love for cafe^^(Near your SNU)
Riya 멘토 2023-03-29

I am your friend Riya from a country of culture and traditions, INDIA~

Being a travel and tourism student, I always like traveling and exploring nearby places which led me to find beautiful and pocket-friendly cafes near SNU.



Yoon Cake is a start-up and a small business cake shop as well as a cafe. The best part about them is their cakes and cookies are made up of 100% rice flour (healthy and tasty^^). Their coffees are also cheap and enriched with taste. The interior is so aesthetic and cozy, feels like home:) 


Location: [Naver Map]

Yun Cake
서울 관악구 신림로 120

    I like this cafe for its interior and enough space. The cafe is having greenery vibe with perfect lighting. One can easily spend time working on a notepad or talking with friends. Desserts and coffee are good and not that expensive. Also, the workers are friendly.
Location: [Naver Map]
서울 관악구 신림로22길 13

   This is basically a bread shop but they also sell coffee, cakes, and cookies. The interior is calm and peaceful as well as their caramel latte is a must-try drink. One can peacefully work here enjoying their coffee. And I do personally like their walnut cake (it was really delicious^^).
Location: [Naver Map]
Piece Montee Bakery
서울 관악구 신림로 91

Riya 멘토
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