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[백석대학교] If you feel very hot in korea try ‘makguksu’
LARAIBARISHMA 멘토 2023-05-29
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It's really hot these days, right..

Do you know what is the most delicious and cold food in Korea when it's hot?

It's 'naengmyeon' (cold noodles) and 'makguksu'

I suddenly remembered the food I ate with my mom and dad in the hot summer and shared it with her!

It's twice as good if you share cold food with someone that can get rid of the heat!

Best Korean cold food must try - YouTube


I think it'll be even more fun if you watch YouTube videos!

I ordered ‘makguksu’ with my parents at a restaurant served by robots ^3^

‘Makguksu’ contains ice and noodles :)

After eating, I went to the most famous cafe in Cheonan.

The cafe was gorgeous and beautiful, We also ate delicious bread and drinks!!

If I have a chance, I want to share delicious food with you!


This is my Instagram account.

When you're thinking about what to eat, come visit Instagram and choose one:)

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