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[서울대학교] 200,000 international students↑
Richad 멘토 2023-06-16
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According to the February statistical report of the Immigration Service Headquarters of the Ministry of Justice, as of the end of January, the total number of foreign students studying abroad, including those for language training, was 205,167, a record high.

By country of origin, Vietnam had the most with 70,212, followed by China (63,859), Uzbekistan (11,974), and Mongolia (12,603) with over 10,000.
According to the Korea Educational Development Institute's foreign student status, as of the end of last year, Sungkyunkwan University (4,751 students) had the largest number of international students.

It was followed by Kyunghee University (4,439 students), Yonsei University (4,084 students), and Korea University (3,432 students).
Richad 멘토
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