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[경북대학교] KNU Facilities and Notices
대니얼 멘토 2024-02-10
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Hello everyone! I am back with a story again! I would like to share about the facilities we have here in Kyungpook National University, and also let you know about the job opportunities you can have. First I will introduce you 2 facilities we have here.

Number one, the library

This is the photo of library both outside and inside. They have 5 floors here and also the basement floor.

The library is quite huge and it is really clean! Looks brand new and spotless everyday.

In the library you can come and borrow books or study obviously but if you want to also want to have a nap after class or take a rest

you should definitely come here because they have a lot of seats/places to rest comfortablely.

It's really warm inside during winter and of course cool during summer. When I have a long break between classes or just want to escape from the cold or heat

I come here.

And also there is a nice cafe inside the library on the first floor if you were wondering.

They have a lot of books here and of course lots of English books or foreign books here.

If you come to KNU you should definitely use the library as much as possible it's worth coming here!


Second, I will introduce about the fountain called Illcheongdam (일청담)

This is the photo of Illcheogdam. You can come here to relax, walk and look at the nature.

It's a fountain and they remodeled the fountain really recent (December 2023).

Since it's winter it might not look that great but it definitely looks so beautiful during spring summer and autumn.

They turn on the fountain whenever the weather isn't cold and if you want a walk inside the campus then you should definitely come here!

It's also not far from the library(5~7 mins walk) and it's not far from both North gate and Main gate entrance.

One simple TMI is that I came here to drink coffee many times because it's good to refresh my mind

This is the KNU logo in Illcheongdam.

It says Hot again, Proud again in Korean.


Final, I will tell you about the information of getting job opportunities

This is the instagram account of informations from the campus.

knu_notice and knu_international

They announce a lot of job opportunities you can have (lot of them are held by KNU).

and you can experience activities or jobs here during university life.

I recently applied for intellectual property promotion and waiting for my results currently.

Most of the notices are in Korean and some of them might be hard to understand that you might have to translate but I think it's a really helpful for finding stuff that you want to do. Sometimes they announce upcoming activities you can join or job opportunities in English also so you should definitely check out!

knu_notice is the most active account for announcing while knu_international announces sometimes.

I hope this information helped you a lot!

See you next time thank you for reading my story!











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