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[경북대학교] Information about my major in Kyungpook National Univercity
Matyakubov Matyakub Nuraddin ugli 멘토 2024-06-02
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where I am currently studying my bachelor degree, ranks first among national universities in Korea. 

 My name is Matyakubov Matyakub from Uzbekistan and I am majoring in global software convergence at Kyungpook National University. 

 I would like to explain our department.

The Global Software Convergence Major develops competitive talent for the evolving IT industry and global market. Students gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills through diverse education programs and international exchanges, preparing them to become global leaders.

The major offers three tracks:

1. Multiple Major Track: Combines various academic fields to enhance problem-solving skills.

2. Overseas Double Degree Track: Builds global awareness and international networks through dual degrees with overseas universities.

3. Bachelor's and Master's Degree Track: Provides in-depth knowledge and research skills by integrating bachelor's and master's courses.

 Educational Goals

- Global capabilities: English-only lectures and international programs foster globally-minded talent.

- Convergence-type talent: Develops creative problem-solvers through the integration of software and other disciplines.

- Practice-oriented education: Offers hands-on experience through industry collaborations and internships.

 Department Features

- Internationalized environment: English-taught lectures and a diverse student body create a global learning experience.

- Cooperation programs: Partnerships with top universities and research institutes worldwide provide broad academic exposure.

- Industry-academic cooperation: Aligns curriculum with the latest technology trends and enhances practical skills through industry projects.

 Career Prospects

Graduates excel in IT companies, research institutes, and universities globally, with many also pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.


The Global Software Convergence Major is dedicated to providing top-tier education and support, empowering students to become global leaders.

Are you interested in studying at our university? I'll help you with Appling process and studying here.


Matyakubov Matyakub Nuraddin ugli 멘토
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  • Kosimova Rukhsora
    경북대학교 star-image
    Wow good
    2024-06-03 21:13
  • Matyakubov Matyakub Nuraddin ugli
    Ruxsora Qosimova yaxshimisiz? Sog' salomatmisiz? O'qishlar faoliyatlar yaxshi bo'lyaptimi? Mentorliklar yaxshi ketyabtimi?
    2024-06-06 18:54