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[서울대학교] Shweta : Introduction ^ ^
Shweta <3 멘토 2023-03-28
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Hello ^ ^  nice to meet you, I'm your mentor Shweta <3 I'm from India and I'm fluent in three languages: Hindi, English, and Marathi, so feel free to use any of those languages comfortably with me or if you want to practice Korean together, that works too haha. I would love to assist you whenever I can. I'm currently enrolled in Seoul National University's Language Institute and have been in Seoul for over 9 months  (but it feels like it has been years already), so from wanting to find delicious restaurants nearby to solving doubts while applying to the language university, feel free to ask me questions if you have any :) I'm confident that I can provide you honest pieces of advice without sugarcoating things and be a helpful guide throughout your journey. You can think of me more as a friend and comfortably talk to me without formalities, I'm truly okay with it ^ ^. Also, I create content on Instagram and Youtube, so you can get an idea about me virtually by witnessing a sneak peek into my life in Seoul by going through my SNS, here's my instagram:


I love love loveeee food and clicking pictures, I think you can truly guess so from my SNS haha. I can suggest you pretty cafes and food places near SNU :) I'm a language student on D4 Visa, so you can clear doubts regarding that as well. If you want someone to talk about the hardships of being a foreign student, want tips and tricks to overcome them, I can always be your guide ^ ^

I've done my Bachelors in Business Management Studies: Marketing, so if we are from the same field, voilà! We're even closer! My hobbies are listening to various types of music, dancing (just for fun, not a professional haha), and drawing too, here's some of my art:

Hehe hope you like them ^ ^

Hope you've got an idea about me through this short little introduction. To sum up more than a mentor I can act as a reliable friend if you end up choosing me, we can speak comfortably by skipping awkward talking stages and head straight to fun talks and solutions to your problems. I look forward to helping you soon ^ ^ Until then, logging off,


Shweta Salian,

Your personal friendly mentor ;)

Shweta <3 멘토
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