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[서울대학교] Korean High School Student Admission Procedure
Richad 멘토 2023-06-16
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The Korean university entrance examination system is a system in which prospective high school graduates, graduates, or those with equivalent academic ability take an exam to enter a university in Korea.


1. College Scholastic Ability Test

It is often called the CSAT for short, and it has the most influence on college entrance exams in Korea. However, as the influence of the student department has increased recently, the influence of the CSAT has been further expanded.


2. School record book

It is also called student record or internal report. It is a data containing overall records of high school student life, and is divided into 'subject report' based on the grade system, and 'non-subject report', which records information such as volunteer activities, licenses, English certifications, and awards.


3. high school comparison

Comparative school records are a method in which students who have passed a certain period of time after graduating from high school or who have passed the qualification exam, who do not have school records themselves, are given their grades in terms of college scholastic ability test scores or essay scores.

4. College exam

This is an evaluation test conducted by the university itself, mainly an essay test. In recent years, the introduction of an admissions officer system has been increasing


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